Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 Phillies Want List

2015 Topps Heritage #80
Chrome Rookie Autographs - BCAR-MF Franco
SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Relics - JC Crawford

Bowman Draft
All-Star Futures Game Relics - FGR-JC Crawford
Initiation - BI-9 Randolph

Bowman Inception
Prospect Autographs - PA-JC Crawford

Bowman's Best
Best of 2015 Autographs - B15-ANO Nola, B15-CRA Randolph
1995 Bowman's Best Autographs - 95BB-CH Hamels

Stadium Club
Autographs - SCA-MFO Franco
Lone Star Signatures - LSS-CH Hamels

Topps Series One & Two/Topps Update
Career High Autographs - CH-MFR Franco, CH-RH Howard
Career High Relics - CHR-CU Utley
Spring Fever Auotgraphs - SF-MAA Adams, SF-MFR Franco

Topps Allen & Ginter
Autographs - AGA-MFR Franco
Framed Mini Relics - FMR-CH Hamels, FMR-CU Utley, FMR-DB Brown, FMR-RH Howard
Full-Sized Relics - FSRA-DB Brown

Topps Chrome
Autographed Rookies - AR-MFO Franco

Topps Gypsy Queen
Base Set Variations - 136 Papelbon
Minis - 322 Schmidt, 344 Rollins
Retail Framed Mini Autographs - RMA-MF Franco

Topps Heritage
1966 Topps U.S. Postage Stamp Relics - 66US-JB Bunning
Real One Autographs - ROA-RH Herbert, ROAH-MFR Franco

Topps Pro Debut
Distinguished Debuts - DD-7 Nola


Dan said...

i'm afraid to look at the phillies news this least the eagles are having an interesting offseason.

Jim said...

It's probably best to take this season off.