Thursday, January 30, 2014

1988 Fleer Phillies Stickers - Rejected

This has been the slowest January of posting since I started this blog, which is somewhat tied to my lack of enthusiasm towards the Phillies offseason moves.  As January nears its end, I've been slowly emerging from a relatively quiet winter on the blog to start preparing for the 2014 season.  At this point every year, I start stretching out my throwing arm a little bit more each day, eventually working my way up to long toss.  By the time actual spring training games start in late February, I hope to be up to my usual daily(ish) posting and I'll be gearing up for the regular season.

One of the usual features on this here blog is a post that arrives an hour before the beginning of each Phillies series.  These posts don't contain any ground breaking content, but they're fun for me to put together.  Similar to what I've done in the past, the series preview posts will contain cards from this season's featured set (1988 Topps) somehow connected to the Phillies and their opponent.  They will also contain Fleer-inspired "stickers" featuring the two teams poised to face off.

If I were to stay consistent with my 1988 theme, the sticker shown at the top would be used as the basis for the series preview post stickers.  Or I could use the single sticker shown at the right to spotlight the two teams.  Both these stickers came with my 1988 Fleer factory set.

But I don't really like the design of these stickers, and I've decided to stick with the 1973ish-style logos for one more season.  So the virtual stickers seen here will be back for the 2014 season, with a few small tweaks to account for a couple of teams changing their primary logos.

While it may seen that the blog has been quiet lately, rest assured these are the types of profound and momentous decisions I've been wrestling with behind the scenes.


Jim from Downingtown said...

Plus, you're no doubt working on a custom Michael Martinez tribute card!

Jim said...

How did you know?