Friday, January 31, 2014

2013 Quarry Unlimited - Ben Revere

In case you missed it, Cards from the Quarry recently wrapped up its trek through the 2013 Quarry Unlimited set, featuring virtual cards of every single player to suit up with a Major League team during the past season.  In the case of players who appeared with multiple teams (I'm looking at you Casper Wells and John McDonald), multiple cards were created to commemorate the players' time with each team.

I can't imagine the hours this project must have taken, and I eagerly followed along with each and every post as each team's cards were revealed.  Obviously, my favorite cards in the set were the Phillies cards found here and here.

Please head over and check out these extremely impressive creations, and submit your vote for your favorite cards by 9am this morning.  Be sure to set aside some time to go through the whole set!


Cards from the Quarry said...

It was approximately 1.5 hours every night during the season on average and maybe a few weekends to get caught up. I really appreciate the feedback. This truly is a labor of love and I am glad the ball is starting to roll just a bit. Hopefully your Phillies can supply some great photos next year too, because they were definitely the best team overall this year in my set.

Jim said...

Just saw your teaser post for the 2014 set and I can't wait to see what you have in store with the 1988 Score design!