Monday, December 9, 2019

Final Friendly Encounters of 2019

2019 Chachi Friendly Encounters #24
In mid-November, Doug and I made the trip to Bill's Sports Cards and Memorabilia to meet former Phillies catcher Chris Coste and to add his autographed photo card to my 2008 Phillies team-issued set.  After a very short wait, Coste signed my copy of his book - The 33-Year-Old Rookie - along with the photo card.  He ranks towards the top of our friendliest encounters of 2019 as he took the time to ask Doug about himself and let Doug pose with his 2008 World Series ring.  Doug is now reading and thoroughly enjoying the book, and he's asked me to help him track down some of Coste's baseball cards.

* * *

This past Saturday, we added autographs from former Phillies Benito Santiago, Brad Lidge and Ryan Howard to our collections.  Even though Santiago's time in Philadelphia was limited to one season (1996), I still thought it would be cool to add his autograph to his sole Phillies photo card.  Lidge and Howard signed their 2008 photo cards, and Howard also signed the other half of the Pride of the Phillies print from 2016 picturing him with Carlos Ruiz.  Ruiz had signed his half for Doug in August 2018.

2019 Chachi Friendly Encounters #25
2019 Chachi Friendly Encounters #26
2019 Chachi Friendly Encounters #27


Steve F. said...

Benito left at or before his scheduled 11:45 appearance time on Sunday. I arrived right around that time and they said, "He signed early and is already gone. He switched to an earlier flight out." I guess I'll just get my game-used bat signed the next time he is back in Philly, another 23 years from now.

Jim said...

That stinks! Although I know exactly where Benito was at around 11:45. My son and I were upstairs in the food court eating pizza when we saw him eating by himself at the Chinese/sushi place.