Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Autographs (Burnell's Bombshell Bounty - Part Four)

1999 Topps
Autographs #A3
1999 Topps
Autographs #A16
2002 Topps
Autographs #TA11
2003 Topps Traded
Signature Moves #SMA-DB

I'm at the end of my four posts celebrating the awesome assortment of Phillies cards I recently received from fellow collector Burnell.

On-card autograph cards have fascinated me since they started regularly appearing in packs of cards in the late 1990s.  Of the cards featured here, I honestly never thought I'd own the Scott Rolen or Pat Burrell autographed cards since these were regularly priced at anywhere from $50 to $100 a card at Philadelphia-area baseball card shows in the early 2000s.

I'm thrilled to have these cards in my collection and thanks again to Burnell for sending them my way.  Here's the full list of Phillies certified autograph cards I received:

1999 Topps Autographs #A3 Scott Rolen
1999 Topps Autographs #A16 Pat Burrell
2002 Topps Autographs #TA11 Pat Burrell
2003 Topps Total Signatures #TS-MB Marlon Byrd
2003 Topps Traded Signature Moves #SMA-DB David Bell
2003 Topps Traded Signature Moves #SMA-ER Elizardo Ramirez

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