Sunday, February 21, 2016

1978 Hostess #29 Bob Boone (Burnell's Bombshell Bounty - Part Two)

While I'm very happy to have added the complete run of Topps Stickers Phillies sets from 1985 to 1990 to my collection, there was one card in the package I recently received from fellow collector Burnell that immediately sent me back to the summer of 1978.

I've been trying to track down a complete set of these 1978 Hostess Phillies cards since that summer, and thanks to Burnell I finally added the Bob Boone card to my collection.  There are a few online checklists that list this Boone card as a short-print, which is probably why I've had so much trouble finding it.  Growing up in a Tastykake household, Hostess products were alien to us so it's nice to finally be able to show off this entire team set.

1978 Hostess #8
1978 Hostess #29
1978 Hostess #49
1978 Hostess #71
1978 Hostess #113
1978 Hostess #133


Anonymous said...

"Short print" always makes me smile when it comes to Hostess, because I'm pretty sure that means it was on the box for some cake that wasn't as popular.

...But that's a nice-looking team set! For a number of years I've had a vague goal of collecting every 1970's Hostess card, but I really should focus on more realistic short-term goals like completing the Mets team sets.

Jim said...

I really like the idea of collecting a Hostess set. It would make for a nice companion set to the Topps flagship set from that year.

I never thought through the "SP" designation, but it certainly makes sense that different product boxes would be printed with different cards. And the least popular snacks would be removed from the shelves once their expiration dates had passed.

Steve F. said...

Looks good! I only need a Boone (I think 1978) and the SP 1975 Dave Cash to complete my run of Hostess Phillies cards. If you haven't started on it already, the next collection like that are all the Phillies Kellogg's cards. I have all of them, and then I decided to supplement it with all other lenticular Phillies cards. I have gotten them all (that I am aware of--that 1996 All Star FanFest Daulton is one of them), but not SportFlics yet, mostly because I just am not a big fan of SportFlics cards. But I suppose I will have to add those eventually.

Jim said...

I need the Cash as well from 1975. I think I have most of the Kellogg's cards and I'm only missing a few from the early 1970s. That's not a bad idea for a future "Gallery" series of posts - the complete Phillies Kellogg's team sets.

Matthew R said...

Very nice. I think I'll set a goal of collecting the Hostess SF Giants team sets. It shouldn't be TOO expensive and it'll be fun!

Jim said...

Go for it!