Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Bowman Inception Prospect Autographs #PA-AN Aaron Nola

Rays 1, Phillies 0
Game 96 - Tuesday Night, July 21st in Philadelphia
Record - 33-63, 5th Place, 19 games behind the Nationals

One Sentence Summary:  Aaron Nola made his highly anticipated Major League debut, but a lack of run support from the offense gave the Rays a 1-0 win.

What It Means:  This was the first game in franchise history in which the Phillies lost 1-0 due to a home run from the opposing pitcher.

What Happened:  Nola pitched six innings, allowing five hits while striking out six.  His sole blemish was a solo home run allowed to Rays pitcher Nathan Karns in the third inning.  It was Karns' first career hit.  The offense never got going against six Rays pitchers, going 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position.

Featured Card/Field Report:  Doug and I were there and I splurged on upgrading our regular tickets to two seats in the Hall of Fame club for the occasion.  It was fantastic to be at a Phillies game that was actually exciting for a change!  We cheered on Nola and Doug received quite a few compliments on his "Nola 10" t-shirt that he had picked up at our recent Reading Fightin Phils outing.

I was very impressed that the Phillies already had a giant line-up card for Nola in Ashburn Alley.  Nola will undoubtedly have several more 2015 baseball cards to his name, and this is the most recent card of his to be added to my collection from the Bowman Inception set.  The Phils are now 3-5 in games I've attended this season.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that I'm late to the party... It's been a busy week.

Earlier this week I was watching part of the Nationals' coverage of their game against the Mets, and they showed their own giant baseball card lineup... and like the Phillies, they had a non-Topps design (although a different one than what the Phils are using). It's been a couple of years since I've been to Nationals Park, so I was surprised by this. Is this new for 2015?

Jim said...

The Phillies went to generic (non-Topps) giant baseball cards in 2014. Prior to that they used the 2011 Topps design for the giant cards from 2011 to 2013.

Personally, I'd love to see them return to using the current year's Topps design.

Steve F. said...

Jim, let us know if you find out that Nola has been added to the team set (a version 2.1). I was at the game the night before and was thinking about buying a new set to see whether there were any changes, but I figured they wouldn't yet have Nola since he was just coming up the next night.

Jim said...

Will do! I should be heading to a game (or two) over alumni weekend.