Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun at the @ReadingFightins Game!

Rubber Ducks 3, Fightin Phils 2 (15 Innings)
Saturday Night, June 13th in Reading

One Sentence Summary:  The Fightins fell in 15 innings to the Rubber Ducks by a score of 3-2.

What It Means:  This was the third straight extra inning game played by the Fightins, and my family was there!  We called it a night following the 10th inning after a 3-1 family vote determined it was time to go.  My eight-year-old son Doug was the lone dissenter in the vote, although he was sound asleep no more than 10 minutes into our ride home.

What Happened:  As it turned out, Aaron Nola made his final Double-A appearance as he was promoted to the Triple-A IronPigs on Sunday afternoon.  Nola pitched five innings, allowing two runs on five hits.  Brian Pointer hit a solo home run in the second while J.P. Crawford went 0 for 6 at the plate.  (Several of Crawford's outs came from very hard hit balls.)  Phillies Room favorite Art Charles went 1 for 7 but impressed us all with his hustle on the field.

Pre-game corn
Aaron Nola on the mound
J.P. Crawford at the plate
Crazy Hot Dog Vendor!
Featured Cards/Field Report:  We had a blast!  After our false start a few weeks ago, we were anxious to try to get back to another Fightin Phils game.  We sat in Box 3 (the green seats) in Row 24 and had a great view of the action.  The boys loved the mascot band, the between inning entertainment and of course . . . the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor!  (Our oldest son figured out that the vendor wasn't riding a real ostrich.  Our youngest son Ben still isn't quite sure.)

We'll definitely be back for another game!

* * *
2015 Grandstand Reading Fightin
Phils Top Prospects #1
2015 Grandstand Reading
Fightin Phils #12
2015 Grandstand Reading
Fightin Phils #36
2015 Grandstand Reading Fightin
Phils Top Prospects #9
For the baseball card collector, the 2015 Reading Fightin Phils team set borrows the design of the 1993 Topps set and includes 35 cards.  The team store was also selling a 10-card Top Prospects set which borrows the design of the 1953 Topps set and (as advertised) includes the Phillies top ten prospects who are all current members of the Reading squad or who have recently passed through on their way to the big leagues.


Anonymous said...

I need to get to Reading for a ballgame, if only to see the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor. I've not seen him in person, but I've seen video of him, and I know from friends who live in the area that he is an absolute phenomenon... just amazingly popular. (As if the fact that the team logo features an ostrich isn't testament enough)

I'm always amazed at how much Municipal Stadium has changed in the 25-or-so years since I've been there.

I really like both card sets; if I were a Phillies fan I'd be all over those.

Jim said...

We loved our visit and yes, you need to get their for a ballgame!