Sunday, August 3, 2014

2013 Topps #646 Phillippe Aumont

Mets 11, Phillies 2
Game 108 - Wednesday Afternoon, July 30th in Flushing
Record - 47-61

Another Why Even Bother Post-Vacation Massive Catch-Up, Part 5 of 8

One Sentence Summary:  The Mets completely dismantled the Phillies in an 11-2 drubbing.

What It Means:  When we look back on this long, dreadful season, there will be a dozen or so losses that will stand out as much worse than all the other losses.  This will be one of those such losses.

What Happened:  Kyle Kendrick was actually doing well until the fifth, when he allowed the Mets to put up a four-spot.  He was chased after six innings.  The bullpen trio of Mario Hollands, Justin De Fratus and Phillippe Aumont didn't fare much better.  Aumont allowed two more runs in his inning of work and his ERA for the season is now up to 14.73.

Featured Card:  Prior to this game, I listened to the pre-game show on the radio while sitting on the beach. General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. was the guest on the pre-game show and he was fielding questions from fans calling in.  One of the callers asked Amaro what one move he'd take back if he could.  I was surprised that Amaro answered the question directly instead of giving a cliche-heavy response.  Without hesitation, he said he wished he hadn't traded Cliff Lee to the Mariners when the team acquired Roy Halladay.

Only Aumont remains in the organization from that miserable trade, and it doesn't appear as if he'll be around long-term.

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