Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1989 Fleer Update #U-107 Tommy Herr

Giants 7, Phillies 4
Game 99 - Monday Night, July 21st in Philadelphia
Record - 43-56

One Sentence Summary:  The home losses keep piling up as the Phillies dropped the series opener to the Giants, 7-4.

What It Means:  I'm actually looking forward to the trade deadline.  Something's got to give.

What Happened:  At least the Phillies offense tried to battle back into this game, but they just couldn't overcome the rough start from Cliff Lee.  Lee made his return from the disabled list and tied a career high with 12 hits allowed while surrendering six runs.

Featured Card:  The Phillies had 14 singles in the game, representing the first time they had 14 or more hits without an extra base hit in a game they lost since April 22, 1989.  (From Bob Vetrone Jr.'s Tweet.)  Tommy Herr led the way with three singles and Phillies Room favorite Bob Dernier added two singles as well.

This season is definitely taking on a 1989-ish type vibe.

Transactions:  In a flurry of roster moves before the game, Lee, Wil Nieves and Reid Brignac were all activated from the disabled list.  Koyie Hill and Cesar Hernandez were sent back to Lehigh Valley while Tony Gwynn, Jr. was designated for assignment.  By all accounts, Gwynn was a class act (like his father) and I hope he ends up on a winning team somewhere.


Kaiser the Great said...

That could have easily went the other way if Kontos hadn't decided to be amazing.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Mayberry out, Ruf in - Woo-hoo!

Jim from Downingtown said...

"This season is definitely taking on a 1989-ish type vibe."

I wouldn't say that at all. In 1989, the Phillies started to upgrade by bringing in Dykstra, McDowell, Kruk, Mulholland, Charlie Hayes, and Bedrosian.

In 2014, (aside from Giles) we get Reid Brigniac and Laynce Nix's brother (see? I forgot his name already).

Dan said...

i want a refund on the season. i hope you were asleep for tonight's ending.

Jim said...

I stayed awake. Why, you might ask? I have no idea.

The 1989-ish vibe referred more to the complete overhaul of the roster. I remember seeing a comparison of the 1989 roster in September vs. the opening day roster and the pure turnover was staggering.

Steve F. said...

Laynce Nix's brother Maytt. Or was it Jaymes? Or Fraynk? I forget.

Another difference between 1989 and today is that in 1989 Lee Thomas made some trades that would benefit the team for years to come. I have no confidence that we will get anything like that this year.

Howard's contract is down to about $70 million still owed ($10 million this year yet, $25 million each of the next two, and a $10 million buyout in 2017), so we've got that going for us!