Monday, May 19, 2014

Fantastic Trade with @benhenry!

I may need to rethink my position on not buying Topps Heritage in bulk in 2015.  To recap, I bought a lot of Topps Heritage this year.  And by a lot, I mean I bought enough to get me within striking distance of a complete set including all short-prints and basic insert sets.  Not only was opening the packs with my wife and my oldest son an absolute blast, it yielded me several cards that I've been able to trade off in exchange for some amazing additions to my Phillies collection.

One such recent trade was with Ben Henry of the The Baseball Card Blog.  I sent Ben a bunch of Topps Heritage inserts and parallels and he in turn sent me the collection of cards featured in the photo at the top of this post.  I added a few Phillies oddballs - namely some 1984 Topps Tiffany cards, a badly miscut 1975 Topps Willie Montanez and a few wrong-backed 1987 Topps cards.  Ben also threw in several recent Topps Phillies cards which had already been claimed by my two sons prior to me taking the picture seen here.

The oddballs and newer Phillies cards are cool, but the true highlights in the package were the older Phillies cards.  Ben sent two cards from the 1949 Bowman set getting me a little closer to my long-term goal of having one of each vintage Phillies Bowman card.  Both "Dutch" and "The Hat" look great with the other '49 Bowmans in my collection.

Ben also sent two cards needed for my 1953 Topps Phillies set - Willie Jones and Tommy Glaviano.  These are just gorgeous cards and if I ever become rich and famous, I'd like to think I'd spend my time putting together a complete 1953 Topps set.  Finally, Ben sent the 1966 Topps Richie Allen card, which spent only a few short months on my "Ten Most Wanted - Vintage" list on the sidebar.

Thanks again for the trade, Ben!  And there's a good chance I'll have some 2015 Topps Heritage to send your way this time next year.

* * *

Notwithstanding the awesome trade with Ben, there was another unwanted card that I pulled from our packs of 2014 Topps Heritage that has gone on to bigger and better things.  I'll need to cover this in a future post, but thanks again to reader Steve F. who alerted me to this card's value.


Section 36 said...

Wow! Never would have guessed that any good could come from pulling a Derek Jeter card!

Love the vintage Phils!

Mark Hoyle said...

Wow. Those are great cards.. Love the vintage

Steve F. said...

Well played! Hopefully that buys you a little equity on the home front to buy more baseball cards. But take your wife to a nice dinner, at least!

Anonymous said...

Ho-lee crap! A nice haul in your trade, an amazing return on that Jeter... Well, amazing to a sheltered little shlub like myself. Congrats!

Jim said...

Thanks everyone! 80% of the winnings went into our new furniture fund, but I siphoned away the other 20% to be spent on more vintage Phillies card(s). I'm still just window shopping . . .