Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage Trade List

2014 Topps Heritage #250 (Action Variation)
After not buying much Topps Heritage in the prior five years, we bought the metric equivalent of a crapton of 2014 Topps Heritage when they were released a few months ago.  I justified the mass purchase by reasoning that I probably won't be interested in collecting another Topps Heritage set until 2022, when that year's Heritage set uses the 1972 Topps design.  To date, I've been able to hand collate a complete base set and except for the short-prints I'll list in a second post, I'm very close to having a complete set.

So what this mean to you?  Because of the pure volume of Topps Heritage packs I've opened, I have the following to offer in trade.  Let's make a deal!

Crossed out cards have been claimed.

Base, non SP cards - Are you trying to put this set together?  Would you like to trade for the cards you need for your set or maybe your team set?  Want a bunch of Royals, Rangers, Mets, etc. cards?  Send me an e-mail and I'm sure we can work out something.

Inserts - I have a bunch of doubles from the Flashbacks (Baseball and News), New Age Performers and Then and Now insert sets.  Let me know what you need!

Buybacks - 28 Barney Schultz (Cardinals), 34 Cal Koonce (Cubs), 59 Nate Oliver (Dodgers), 287 Gary Kolb (Braves)

Clubhouse Collection - NF Feliz (Rangers), SP Perez (Royals), TL Lincecum (Giants)

Clubhouse Collection Gold #/99 - TT Tulowitzki (Rockies)

Real One Autographs Red #/65 - NM Nelson Mathews (Athletics)

Action Image Variation - 150 Machado (Orioles), 170 Upton (Braves), 250 Trout (Angels), 284 Wright (Mets), 407 Wacha (Cardinals), 437 Ramirez (Dodgers), 463 Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks)

Logo Variation - 160 McCutchen (Pirates), 482 Hernandez (Mariners)

Throwback Uniform Variation - 433 Jeter (Yankees)**

Mini Variations #/100 - 445 Sandoval (Giants)

Chrome #/999 - 33 Cuddyer (Rockies), 150 Machado (Orioles), 269 Pujols (Angels), 435 Simmons (Braves), 442 Trumbo (Angels), 451 Moore (Rays), 457 Gomez (Brewers), 463 Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks), 476 Beltre (Rangers)

Chrome Refractors #/565 - 43 Beltran (Cardinals), 50 Cain (Giants), 190 Craig (Cardinals), 432 Bruce (Reds), 433 Jeter (Yankees), 434 Alvarez (Pirates)

**Headed to eBay!


hiflew said...

I'd love to trade for the Tulo gold relic. I'll look through my stuff and see if I have anything you might be interested in.

Jim said...

You got it. I'll set that card aside for you, and I'll see what other Rockies cards I can send along with it.

Steve F. said...

Before you make any hasty trades, see the email I just sent you....

Steve F. said...

By the way, it's a heads-up on the value of one of the listed cards.... It might pay for college for one of your kids.


Jim said...

Thanks again Steve for the head's up!

Alonzo Alvarez said...

Still have the chrome refractor Cain and chrome Albert ?

Jim said...

Hi Alonzo. Yep, those two cards are still available.

Drop me an e-mail at Ringo73 at msn dot com if you're interested.