Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Phillies at Brewers: May 8th to May 10th

Tuesday 4:05, Wedensday and Thursday 7:05
Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA

Brewers 4-2, Tied for 1st Place in the N.L. Central, 1/2 game ahead of the Cardinals
Phillies 3-3, 4th Place in the N.L. East, 1 1/2 games behind the Marlins

Brewers Probables:  Kyle Lohse (0-1, 3.86), Matt Garza (0-1, 1.13), Marco Estrada (0-0. 1.59)
Phillies Probables:  Kyle Kendrick (0-0, 1.29), Roberto Hernandez (1-0, 3.38), Cliff Lee (2-0, 6.00)

At the Ballpark:  It's the Phillies home opener this afternoon, and all fans will receive a Citizens Bank Park commemorative banner, celebrating ten years in the ballpark.  On Wednesday night, fans 15 and older will receive a nice blue opening night t-shirt.

Phillies Leaders
Average:  Chase Utley - .458
Runs:  Carlos Ruiz - 6
Home Runs:  Chase Utley - 2
RBIs:  Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley - 6
Stolen Bases:  Ben Revere - 4

Wins:  Cliff Lee - 2
ERA:  Kyle Kendrick - 1.29
Strikeouts:  Cliff Lee - 7
Saves:  Jonathan Papelbon - 1

1988 Topps #592 and #268
1988 Topps Appreciation:  I've sure I've disclosed this at some point on this blog during its now five-year run, but for about a season and a half beginning in 1986 and running through 1987, Bruce Ruffin was one of my favorite Phillies.  He was the rookie called upon in the middle of the 1986 season to replace the released Steve Carlton, and he went 9-4 with a 2.46 ERA in his first 21 starts.  He came down to earth a little in 1987, going 11-14 with a 4.34 ERA.  Ruffin lasted a total of six seasons with the Phillies before being dealt to the Brewers in December 1991 for Dale Sveum.

Ruffin spent only a season with the Brewers, before landing with the Rockies and having several successful seasons as the team's closer.  He peaked in 1996 with 24 saves.

Sveum's time with the Phillies was short-lived.  He appeared in 54 games at the start of the 1992 season, hitting just .178 before getting shipped to the White Sox for pitcher Keith Shepherd.  My favorite all-time Sveum-related quote was memorialized back in this post from a few years ago.


Steve F. said...

I have a Bruce Ruffin story--for three years I owned his final minor league autograph. In late June 1986, Ruffin was called up to the majors from AA Reading. As he was leaving Reading stadium (already in street clothes), I wished him good luck in the majors and asked him to sign his Reading Phillies card. He did, hopped in his truck and drove off, and a few days later he was starting for the Phillies.

Unfortunately, in 1989 he returned to the minors and there went my card's distinction. And I couldn't even say it was his final AA signature as he did a couple rehab starts at that level in 1995....

Jim said...

Still - that's a great story!