Thursday, April 17, 2014

1950 Bowman #84 Richie Ashburn

Just a quick post this morning to show off the latest addition to my growing vintage Bowman collection, and to wish my Mom a very happy birthday.  My Mom was the one who added this card to my collection recently as a thank you gift for preparing her tax return again this year.  Everyone wins in this scenario.  My Mom doesn't have to put up with the H&R Block folks, and I get some amazing baseball cards out of the deal.

And what an amazing baseball card this is.  The card has four sharp corners and still has great color.  This is Ashburn's second Bowman card as his iconic rookie card can be found in the 1949 Bowman set.

Thanks again Mom and happy birthday!


Fuji said...

Beautiful card. I might have to start preparing my mom's taxes. Maybe I'll get a nice vintage card in return ;-)

Mark Hoyle said...

Very nice card. Love the Bowmans