Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2002 Topps 206 Autographs #TA-JR Jimmy Rollins

Come home, Jimmy.  Take the three years.  Just sign on the dotted line.

So far this off-season, I've been composing my posts in advance and then setting them to publish at ten sharp the following morning.  As I write this, on Tuesday evening, there are several developing situations in the Phillies camp as the rumors swirl around the winter meetings in Dallas:

- The Phils have signed outfielder Laynce Nix to a two-year deal pending a physical.  His 2012 Chachi Transactions card is ready for press, only awaiting a date to put below the "Free Agent" line.

- Talks continue with free agent shortstop Jimmy Rollins.  It appears as if his two remaining suitors are the Phils and the Brewers.  Rollins wants five years, and the assumption is that neither of the teams involved are willing to go that long.

- There are rumblings that if the team can't reach a deal with Rollins, they will look to trade Placido Polanco and then sign third baseman Aramis Ramirez.  Freddy Galvis could then be the team's 2012 shortstop.

- The Phils have also been linked to left-handed reliever George Sherill, who would fit nicely in the 'pen.

- And maybe, just maybe, former closer Ryan Madson will accept the arbitration offer extended to him, locking him into a one-year deal with the club to set up new closer Jonathan Papelbon in '12.

- I can't wait to root against the Florida Miami Marlins.

It's getting interesting.

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