Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1968 Topps #PR1 Roberto Pena

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a colorization app for my iMac?

Don’t tell Jim from Downingtown this, but I’m finally ready to tackle his request for a 1968 Topps Roberto Pena Phillies card, and I was hoping to have this little project completed in time for Christmas.   (Jim e-mailed his request to me way back in June after he had sent along a few 1968 Topps Game cards.)  The big stumbling block however, is that the only image of Señor Pena in his Phillies uniform that I can find is this fine black and white specimen.  If I had the time (and the patience) I’d love to learn how to do this like the professionals do (see here) and colorize Roberto in Photoshop.  However, I have neither the time, the patience and most likely the skill to conquer Photoshop.  So in lieu of that, I’m looking for a quick and easy fix.  I have the 1968 Topps burlap template all ready to go.

Alternatively, if there are any kind souls out there with mad colorization skills, please feel free to have at it and add some color to Roberto's stern visage.  I'll be sure to send you a copy of the finished product once it's ready to go.

(Seriously, don’t ruin the surprise for Jim from Downingtown.)

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