Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage Stand-Ups Roy Halladay

Phillies 5, Dodgers 3
Game 115 – Late Monday Night, August 8th in Los Angeles

One Sentence Summary: Roy Halladay had an off night, but he still managed to win his 15th game as the Phils defeated the Dodgers, 5-3.

What It Means: The Phillies improved to 75-40. I made it to the sixth inning before succumbing to sleep.

What Went Right: Halladay (15-4), lasted into the seventh, allowing a run on nine hits while striking out four.

Shane Victorino, who reached on two doubles and scored both times, and Jimmy Rollins, who had a two-run double in the second, led the offense. Victorino’s solo home run in the ninth padded the lead. Ryan Howard added two hits and drove in a pair as well.

Featured Card: I’m three games behind in my Dodgers game summary posts, so get ready for three Phillies cards from the newly released Topps Lineage. There's a nice post over at 14,000 Phillies that sums up my feelings on the base set, so I won't re-hash that here.  In short - nice try Topps, but keep working at it.  I'm looking forward to collecting the Phillies inserts however, including the mini parallel set based on the 1975 Topps minis.  I'm hoping a mini Phillies team set finds its way to eBay soon.

This Halladay card is based on the 1964 Topps Stand-Up set, and Topps did a decent job approximating the original.  I would have put "Phila. Phillies" on the front, similar to Johnny Callison's card from the set, but that's a minor squabble.  The on-line checklists I've seen for the set list this card as #TS20, but the card is actually unnumbered.

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