Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2005 Chachi #00 Chachi Passaro

2010: A Chachi Odyssey, Part 1

With a precious few games remaining on the 2009 regular season schedule, and the Phillies clinging to their precarious lead in the NL East, the 2010 Chachi Set Planning Committee recently held its first meeting. The goal of the meeting was to decide which past Topps set should be used as the basis for the upcoming 2010 Chachi release. At its outset, the meeting did not go well.

Doug was insistent on using either the 1990 Donruss (with the original orange borders) or the 1988 Score design (with either purple or green borders) for the set. Jenna wondered aloud what a 2010 set comprised of just Greg Dobbs or Rheal Cormier would look like. Chachi preferred a set of just him in various states of sniffing, scratching or resting. I did the only thing I could to regain control of the meeting by reminding everyone present of the original purpose and meaning of the Chachi set. As I spoke, the committee members stared at me in rapt attention and with reverence as I recounted the definitive Chachi set origin story.

It was a dark and stormy night in the Spring of 2005 . . . To be continued.


jim said...

Where are you going with this?

Jim said...

Wait and see . . . It's an epic tale.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Why is everyone here named Jim?

Jim said...

It runs in the family.