Wednesday, April 8, 2020

1985 Phillies Season Starts (Again) Tomorrow

Let's give this a shot.

Once it became clear the 2020 baseball season would be postponed indefinitely, I started to think of alternatives for this blog and ways to keep myself busy.  I've written about this a number of times throughout the years, but this blog is a daily outlet for me.  I don't expect widespread readership or to win any major awards with my ramblings.  I've had an innate need to have something in my life be a daily (or semi-daily) routine since I first put together a Phillies scrapbook in 1984.  These early scrapbooks are no more than photo albums containing boxscores, interesting Phillies pictures and articles (from later years) I had enjoyed reading.

The 1985 Phillies season began on April 9th, and beginning tomorrow I'll start recapping that season with boxscores and snippets from my original 1985 Phillies scrapbook and a baseball card relevant to each game.  I'll post a game recap every day (or close to every day) at the time the original game would have taken place, 35 years ago. 

One major caveat here:  I hope the 2020 season returns soon and this project ends before its completion.  I'd be fine with doing this through April and May and maybe part of June and shelving the whole thing once Bryce Harper and Aaron Nola and Andrew McCutchen take the field.  The other alternative is that I could do this for a little while and stop after I got bored with reliving a pretty awful 1985 Phillies season.  So with that overwhelming sense of excitement and positivity . . . here we go.

The 1985 Phillies season starts (again) tomorrow.


Jim from Downingtown said...

Seeing this stellar opening day Phillies' lineup of John Russell, Steve Jeltz, and Jeff Stone, I am reminded of the time Bill Giles was bragging in the media that he doodled the "Phillies lineup of the 1980s" on a cocktail napkin, as if that made him a first-class General Manager!

Section 36 said...

Hooray! Excited to follow along!

Rich said...

Not one of my favorite seasons. The Phillies had a bad start and didn't seem to get going at all. They didn't get to .500 until September and that was for one day. The Phillies were a mess between 1985-2000 (1993 was the aberration).