Monday, August 7, 2017

Remembering Dutch

Like all baseball and Phillies fans, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Phillies great Darren Daulton on Sunday night after his four year battle with brain cancer.  Doug and I met Dutch in September 2014 at the Valley Forge baseball card show and I wrote this at the time:
By far, the highlight of the day was getting to meet Phillies great Darren Daulton.  There were a number of current Phillies signing earlier in the day, but Doug's mid-morning soccer game meant that we didn't arrive until most of the current Phillies had already left. We scanned the list of upcoming autograph signers, and decided we'd like to meet Daulton. 
Dutch could not have been any nicer to us.  He took his time to talk to Doug and he graciously posed for several pictures.  As we were walking away, Daulton called Doug back over and said, "Now listen, here's the deal.  When you make the big leagues, you have to remember that you owe me an autograph."  Doug smiled from ear to ear, and shortly thereafter he announced that Daulton had joined the ranks of his favorite all-time players along with Chase Utley, Shane Victorino and Mike Trout.
I followed social media all day Monday for the accolades and tributes that came pouring in from former teammates and coaches of Daulton's, and I'll pay tribute here with a gallery of his Topps baseball cards.  Thanks for everything, Dutch.

1986 Topps #264
1987 Topps #636
1988 Topps #468
1989 Topps #187
1990 Topps #542
1991 Topps #89
1992 Topps #244
1993 Topps #180
1994 Topps #380
1995 Topps #477
1996 Topps #85
1998 Topps #218


Rob said...

That 94 Topps is a classic. What an awesome memory you made, though...

Julie Owens said...

Thanks for this post. Darren was a great guy and gone much too soon. So sad. BTW - I'm fond of the 95 Topps card.

Jim said...

Thanks Rob and Julie. I have to say I think the '93 card is my favorite - great action photo and it brings back so many great memories of that summer/fall.