Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ryan Howard Topps Gallery - #ThankYouRyan #BigPiece

Before this afternoon's Phillies game, the final game of the 2016 season, the team will pay tribute to Ryan Howard.  Howard is playing in his final game with the franchise, as it's become a foregone conclusion that he won't return in 2017.  Similar to what I've done after the departure of other franchise players, here's a look at all of Howard's Topps flagship cards.

There's a definite possibility that Howard will find himself with a Phillies baseball card within the 2017 Topps set.  If that's the case, I'll try to remember to come back and update this gallery.

2005 Topps #689
2006 Topps #398
2007 Topps #330
2008 Topps #100
2009 Topps #500
2010 Topps #590
2011 Topps #420
2012 Topps #480
2013 Topps #6
2014 Topps #105
2015 Topps #51
2016 Topps #15

Topps Phillies Gallery Tributes
Jimmy Rollins 2001-2014
Cole Hamels 2003-2015
Chase Utley 2003-2015
Carlos Ruiz 2007-2016
Ryan Howard 2005-2016


Rob said...

It's neat seeing the cards laid out like this. I've had thoughts of deconstructing all of my Topps factory sets and arranging them by player...

John Bateman said...

No rookie cup for Howard in 2006 - that is a surprises. I was living in Philadelphia in 2008 and the first pack of Topps cards I bought that summer had Ryan Howard's card in it. Though I don't think it was the top card. Interesting career, I think he was the fastest to 200 home runs.

Jim said...

Yep, fastest to 200 career home runs. Quite the career for Howard and it's really a shame he got hurt.

Rob - I've always toyed with the idea of sorting my Topps factory sets by team/subset. When Fleer came out in 1981 and sorted its cards by team, I always thought that was a brilliant idea.