Monday, September 5, 2016

Phillies Cards from @stetsonaw (Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard!)

2016 Donruss Optic
Pink #37
2015 Dimaond Kings
Framed Red #114
2016 Stadium Club Legends
Die-Cut #LDC-2
2016 Stadium Club
Autographs #SCA-AN
I recently received a nice package of Phillies baseball cards from Andy of the Ain't Nobody Got Time for Cardboard! blog.  I'm in the process of putting together a return package of Cubs cards and 1983 Topps cards for Andy and you can check out his want list here if you have some extra Cubs and/or 1982 and 1983 Topps cards sitting around.

I find that my pack-buying has dwindled this year as I continue to buy Phillies team sets on eBay and as my sons increasingly dominate the pack-buying landscape in our house.  Any cool or shiny inserts from their packs rightfully find their way into their collections, so it was nice of Andy to send some cool and shiny inserts my way for me to keep to myself.  I've featured four of my favorites from his package above.

I like the Donruss Optic (don't call them Chrome) cards way more than I should especially since the cards are logo-less and the Phillies player selection isn't that diverse.  Andy sent a nice assortment of Donruss Optic Phillies cards, including this pink parallel of the injured Aaron Nola.  The Maikel Franco card shown here is also logo-less, but it's a red-framed parallel card numbered to only 99 copies so it's definitely a welcome addition to my 2016 Phillies binder.

Robin Roberts gets the chrome, die-cut treatment on this Stadium Club insert card.  It's odd seeing an all-time legend on such a modern-looking card, but as my nine-year-old son accurately commented upon first seeing it, "That's pretty cool."  Finally, the on-card Nola autograph is fantastic.  It seems as if the young pitcher went on a signing binge for Topps over the past few years, although the bulk of his autographed cards in my collection are on stickers.  I'm very grateful to add this card to my collection.

Thanks again Andy and your return package will be on its way soon!


Andy Stetson said...

Happy you and your son enjoyed the cards!! Figured those Donruss would be awesome enough to make you overlook the fact that they're logoless, hahan

Tony Burbs said...

Andy is always good for a top notch trade package; it looks like this one here is no different.