Friday, February 5, 2016

Setting the Record Straight: Phillies Wore Red in '92

1993 Fleer Team Leaders #NL8
Aaron Nola models the new red jersey
In an attempt not to be that guy, I've kept quiet over the past week after reading numerous articles about the Phillies planning to wear new all-red jerseys in a regular season game for the first time since 1979.  "Not true," I'd mutter to myself as I read these articles and watched the news reports. Even the Phillies official press release on their own website got it wrong:  "It will be the second time the Phillies have worn red jerseys during a regular-season game.  It last happened in May 1979, when the team wore an entirely all-burgundy uniform at Veterans Stadium."

This is wrong, and it's surprising to me that the Phillies have no one currently on their payroll who would know it was wrong.  (Or at least double check with Larry Shenk, the team's long-time employee and now team historian.)  Granted, in the grand scheme of things, very few of us actually give a fart about such things but I'm here to set the record straight.

When the Phillies sport their new red jerseys on April 14th this season, it will be the fourth time they've worn all-red jerseys in a regular season game, as follows:

1.  May 19, 1979 - The Saturday Night Special uniform was worn once and only once.
2.  July 9, 1992 - In an attempt to change up their luck, the floundering Phils wore their batting practice jerseys in a game against the Padres in San Diego.
3.  September 11, 1999 - The Phillies and Diamondbacks took part in the infamous Turn Ahead the Clock promotion with the Phillies wearing futuristic all-red jerseys.
4.  April 14, 2016 - The new all-red jerseys to be worn during week day afternoon games will make their debut.

I had to go deep within The Phillies Room's archives to scan this page from my 1992 Phillies Scrapbook, for photographic proof of the the 1992 red jersey appearance.  (You can click on either photo to enlarge.)

The newspaper headline from the game notes that "Phils change their tops," and I've clipped a photo of Mickey Morandini screaming at an umpire while wearing his all-red jersey.  (Yes, I kept a Phillies scrapbook during that awful 1992 season.)

I also clipped a quote from John Kruk, which I've enlarged here so that you can enjoy his thoughts on that game's wardrobe choice.

And now you know.


Burnell said...

Wow, good catch! I forgot all about the 92 team wearing them. I think the 93 Upper Deck Kruk and Morandini cards show them in the red jerseys as well. I never got to see the 99 future jerseys, I was banished to North Dakota at the time and didn't get much Phillies news up there. Hopefully this years team will fare better when wearing them.

Jim said...

I missed the '99 future jerseys too and there are surprisingly very few photos of the jersey out there. Probably for the best!

Steve F. said...

Nice detective work! I had no memory of those red jerseys in 1992. Blue hats in 1994 I remember well, but not the red jerseys in 1992.

One of those future jerseys came up for auction recently, either on eBay or in some live auction catalog I get. It went for at least $300, IIRC.