Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chase Utley Traded to Dodgers; The Phillies Room is a Hot Mess

2015 Grandstand Reading
Fightin Phils #22
Phillies 7, Blue Jays 4
Game 120 - Wednesday Night, August 19th in Philadelphia
Record - 47-73

One Sentence Summary:  The fact that the Phillies won this game was inconsequential as this day will be remembered as the day the Phillies traded their greatest second baseman in franchise history, and my personal favorite player for the past decade.

What It Means:  I'm spent.  I'm deflated.  Of course I get it, but . . . crap.  Following the win, the Phillies called a press conference and announced the trade of Chase Utley to the Dodgers.  Crap.

What Happened:  There was a game played too.  Rookies Adam Morgan and Aaron Altherr led the way as the new crop of players continued their take-over.  Morgan pitched seven strong innings, allowing just two runs on five hits.  Altherr started in left, collecting his first Major League hit with an RBI double in the first and hitting his first career home run in the fifth.  Jeff Francoeur (12) and Andres Blanco (5) also homered for the Phils.

Featured Card:  Altherr gets the card for this post and I'll have a post up later looking at Utley's base cards from the Topps flagship sets over the years.

Thanks for everything Chase.  As the late, great Harry Kalas once said, "YOU are the man."


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

exactly what the hell are we supposed to do when our favorite player no longer plays for our favorite team?? People can say all they want about this just being a game... but some days it is SO much more!

Jim said...

It's been a tough few days. There's nothing more they can do at this point that could cause any more angst . . . other than trading Chooch to the Mets.

Steve F. said...

I was at a Reading Phils game when I heard the news that Mike Schmidt was retiring. And I was at the Reading (Fightin') Phils last night when the news about Chase was confirmed. Maybe I should stay away from that stadium. A sad day for Philadelphia. And to have it happen just after it was announced that Franco could well miss the rest of the season, and so Chase was probably going to be able to play everyday--well, that's so Ruben.

I have a million great memories of him. I wish him well in LA and hope that he is a regular back here in the Philly area someday, perhaps as the manager. He could impart a lot of wisdom to the young players in the organization. One of these two prospects had better pan out.

Jim said...

The Phillies are bringing in a lot of great prospects for Utley to manage in 2018. He and bench coach Raul Ibanez should have a strong line-up to work with and pitching coach Roy Halladay will do wonders with the young arms.