Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 Chachi #5 Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Joaquin Ruiz

Bats:  Right  Throws:  Right  Height:  5'10"  Weight:  206
Born:  January 22, 1979, David Chiriqui, Panama
Home:  David Chiriqui, Panama
Signed:  Signed as an amateur free agent, December 4, 1998
Teams:  Phillies 2006-
Acquired:  Via free agency

2001 Multi-Ad
Lakewood Blueclaws #22
2006 Topps 52 #139
2007 Topps Update #UH99
2006 Chachi #33
116 Ruiz Baseball Cards in My Collection per Zistle
First Card:  2001 Multi-Ad Lakewood Blueclaws #22
First Phillies Card:  2006 Topps 52 #139
First Topps Base Card:  2007 Topps Update #UH99
First Phillies Team Issued Card:  2007 Phillies Team Issue #51
Latest Card:  2015 Topps Phillies #PHP-10

First Chachi Card:  2006 Chachi #33

Ruiz Games I've Attended per Hardball Passport

Cards and game statistics through 4/6/15.


Anonymous said...

The "First" cards are cool, but I'd also like to see each player's First Chachi card.

...and I'm glad to see Chachi cards which aren't "Almost" or "Departures".

Dan said...

what is hardball passport?

on pace for 97 wins! (overly optimistic?)

seriously, there is less power in this lineup than most 9 volts.

Jim said...

TSR - Request heard and posts have been updated!

Dan - It's amazing. Hardball Passport takes every game you've ever attended and compiles statistics based on each player you've seen live. It was $19 to sign up for the Passport+ feature, which given the amount of enjoyment I've had looking through past game stats, is definitely worth it.