Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cards on Cards Delivers Mystery Card

I'm still amazed whenever a Phillies (or Phillies-related) baseball card appears that I didn't realize ever existed.  If you've been following along over the past few weeks, I'm slowly working my way through the Phillies team issued sets from the past 50-plus years, in an attempt to once and for all catalog the cards, rarities and variations that are available from these sets.  I've been getting almost daily e-mails and receiving comments from faithful collectors such as Rick and Steve F., and I genuinely get excited when they inform me of cards I had no idea existed.

This past week, I added another new card to my collection from the heretofore unknown-to-me 1995 Comic Images set, which was released with Phil Rizzuto's name attached to it.  I recently won a contest held by Cards on Cards, and I requested that my winnings be sent addressed to my oldest son Doug.  The cards arrived yesterday with a few extras, including this Shibe Park card.  I negotiated with Doug to let me add that card to my collection, and he graciously agreed.

According to the Beckett database, the 1995 Comic Images set contained "nostalgic images of players, teams, stadiums and memorabilia from the turn of the century until the present day."  I completely missed this set upon its initial release almost twenty years ago, and its hard to tell from reviewing the checklist if there are any other Phillies-related cards in the set.

So thanks again to Cards on Cards for sending this card our way.  After all these years of collecting, it's always cool to discover a "new" card.

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