Sunday, October 5, 2014

Updating the The Phillies Room Banner

I recently tweaked The Phillies Room's banner (look up) with a few minor changes.  I wanted to incorporate pictures of my entire family in the banner, so there are now pictures of my parents, my sister, my wife and my two sons enjoying Phillies games from the past.

I left the Phillies cards in the banner pretty much the same, with the exception of a few random additions.  Have I missed any key Phillies?  Are there are any other players or sets you feel have been unjustly omitted?  Do I need more/better representation from Johnny Wockenfuss and Kent Tekulve?

Presented below is a small gallery of a few of the blog's banners through the years.

The original banner - April 2009

April 2010

August 2011

January 2014


Jim from Downingtown said...

I'm not seeing Mike Rogodzinski anywhere!

Jim said...

Next update!