Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Padres at Phillies: June 10th to June 12th

Tuesday and Wednesday 7:05, Thursday 1:05
Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA

Padres 28-35, 4th Place in the N.L. West, 13 1/2 games behind the Giants
Phillies 25-36, 5th Place in the N.L. East, 7 1/2 games behind the Braves and Nationals

Padres Probables:  Ian Kennedy (5-6, 3.39), Tyson Ross (6-5, 3.22), Andrew Cashner (2-5, 2.13)
Phillies Probables:  A.J. Burnett (3-5, 4.41), Kyle Kendrick (1-6, 4.3), Cole Hamels (2-3, 3.49)

At the Ballpark:  All fans attending tonight's ballgame will receive a cool looking Chase Utley bobble head.

Phillies Leaders
Average:  Chase Utley - .314
Runs:  Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley - 31
Home Runs:  Ryan Howard - 11
RBIs:  Ryan Howard - 41
Stolen Bases:  Ben Revere - 17

Wins:  Cliff Lee - 4
ERA:  Cliff Lee - 3.18
Strikeouts:  A.J. Burnett - 67
Saves:  Jonathan Papelbon - 13

1988 Topps #426, #596 and #572
1988 Topps Appreciation:  I've been warming up my son Doug (he's seven) to the fact that the Phillies might be trading off several of his favorite players in the upcoming weeks and months.  He's still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Cliff Lee, Marlon Byrd and yes, even Chase Utley could be playing for a different team by the time the summer is over.  It doesn't seem right to him.

I clearly remember my Dad telling me when the Phillies traded Chris James back on June 2, 1989 to the Padres.  I didn't understand how the team could just unceremoniously dump the home grown James, who at the time was one of my favorite players.  In return for James, the Phillies acquired two players I had never really heard of - John Kruk and Randy Ready.  Kruk immediately became the team's new regular left fielder, while Ready filled the void left by James at third base.  James had only been the team's regular third baseman for a little over a month, following the unexpected retirement of Mike Schmidt.

Obviously, the James deal ended up working out in the Phillies favor.  Ready remained with the Phillies through the 1991 season, filling in at third, second and left field.  The real pay-off from the deal was Kruk, who went on to become a three-time All-Star and lead the Phillies to the 1993 World Series.

If the Phillies do start the fire sale that seems inevitable, I at least hope they'll get a John Kruk back in return.

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Jim from Downingtown said...


I remember that time very well. Within a few days of Mike Schmidt's retirement, the Phillies traded Chris James for Kruk and Ready, and also traded Juan Samuel (who began that season as the Phils' centerfielder) to the Mets for Len Dykstra and Roger McDowell.

I think they also traded someone to the Giants for Terry Mulholland and Charlie Hayes around the same time.

Talk about a housecleaning!