Monday, January 13, 2014

1975 Topps #70 Mike Schmidt

I was the recent recipient of a small stack of Phillies cards from reader Mark.  Mark had contacted me right after the holidays with the promise to help me out with some of the cards on my 1970s Phillies Want Lists.  In exchange, he asked if I had any Red Sox cards I could send along.  I wrote back to Mark and honestly let him know that my Red Sox cards get set aside and sent to Ron, who sits in Section 36.  As much as I'd love to set up a trade, I unfortunately didn't have much to offer in return.

This didn't deter Mark and he still sent along a nice assortment of early 1970s Topps Phillies cards, including an awesome 1975 Topps Mike Schmidt card.

In appreciation of the gesture, I'm going to start setting aside some newer Red Sox cards for Mark as I figure there's plenty of Sox cards to keep both him and the good folks from Section 36 happy.  If you'd like to set up a trade with Mark and if you have some newer Red Sox cards to spare, please send him an e-mail at markhoyle913 at yahoo dot com.


Mark Hoyle said...

I've get a few more Phillies set aside for you. Thanks for sharing my email address on your post. I enjoy the daily history lesson on the team.

Section 36 said...

Mark was also kind enough to send me some 75's I needed, including a copy of the very Mike Schmidt you mentioned! So, to show my appreciation, I'm going to be OK with you sending him some Red Sox cards!

Jim said...

Red Sox fans are OK in my book!

Mark Hoyle said...

I'll be putting together another package soon for both of you