Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Ryne Sandberg Collecting Conundrum

2013 Topps Archvies #48
Every once in a while, I run into a collecting conundrum when compiling my Phillies want lists for any given year.  My self-imposed rules, known in these parts as Jim's Phillies Collecting Rules™, are fairly simple:

1.  Collect Phillies cards.
2.  Collect all base 201X cards of any player appearing with the Phillies during 201X, even if his cards don't picture him with the Phillies.

In accordance with Jim's Phillies Collecting Rule™ #2, I added 2013 Topps Heritage cards of Ezequiel Carrera, John McDonald and Casper Wells to my Phillies collection, even though their cards picture those players with the Indians, Diamondbacks and Mariners, respectively.

My question to you, dear reader, is what should I do in the case of 2013 Ryne Sandberg cards?  Sandberg is now the interim manager of the Phillies, and I have his two Phillies team issued cards already in my collection.  However . . . Sandberg has also appeared on base cards in the following sets  so far this year:  Pinnacle, Topps Allen & Ginter, Topps Archives, Topps Gypsy Queen, Topps Museum Collection and Topps Tribute.

Do I add these non-Phillies cards to my Phillies collection, based solely on an interpretation of Jim's Phillies Collecting Rule™ #2?  Or do I ignore these cards and carry on?

I anxiously await your input.


night owl said...

I would never have rule #2 in my team collecting rules, so take this for what it's worth:


I'd be horrified if I turned the pages and saw Cubs cards where Dodgers should be (only acceptable if there is the word "Dodgers," as the affiliated team of the player, somewhere on the card front).

Section 36 said...

I'm with NO in that I can't imagine having rule #2. That opens the door for having even more Yankees cards in my collection. The 2-player cards are more than enough of those, thank you very much.

But, you do have the rule, so that's fine. I do think there's a distinction to be made in collecting player cards of the manager. If Ryne managed the Cubs before coming to Philly, I'd say include him. But, playing in Chicago 20 years before managing in Philly doesn't cut it.

On the other hand, I suspect you'll add them to your wantlist and figure, what the hey? If someone wants to send them my way, I'm not going to turn them down...but I won't actively seek them out.

If you go that route, I have the Archives one set aside for you.

Jim said...

Thanks guys and I see your point(s).

But as a hypothetical . . . If Charlie Manuel had been included on an Archives card as a Dodger, I would not have hesitated to acquire that card and add it to my Phillies binder.

I'm still on the fence with the Sandberg cards, but I like S36's idea. If these cards end up in my collection, then so be it.

Wrigley Wax said...

Sorry, Night Owl,


He's on the team, he's got cards in sets...got to get 'em...even if he's in Cubbie blue.

You can also now consider yourself a Ryne Sandberg collector, since Topps seems to include him in just about every set.

JediJeff said...

I say put all the Cubs you can in your collection. Then ram a couple salad forks into your eyes.

But that's just me - my opinion could be seen as extreme.

Jim from Downingtown said...


I have followed your rule #2 every season since the early 1960s, which is why my Phillies' pages include a '67 Gene Oliver (Braves), '69 Vic Roznovsky (Orioles), and '72 Jim Nash (Braves).

However, if a recently-acquired Phillie gets an updated card that same year (like 1972 Steve Carlton, or many others from 1981-on), then their base card with the prior team is excluded from the "Phillies set".

Unlike many of you, I DON'T include cards like league leaders and checklists* that happen to have Phillies on them as "Phillies cards".

*except the '73 and '74 team checklists

Play at the Plate said...

It's your rule so you can adjust it however it serves you best. I do like 36's idea to just take them if you get them.

Steve F. said...

My advice is similar to Jim from Downingtown's: Use a non-Phillies base card only if there are no Phillies base cards of that player released that season. If there are Phillies cards, drop the non-Phillies card.

That would result in you leaving out such cards as 1972 Steve Carlton as a Cardinal (since he had a traded card) and 1979 Pete Rose as a Red and Manny Trillo as a Cub (since they had Phillies BK Lounge cards). But also oddities like that 1972 Archives Sandberg. Also, presumably your binders do have sheets for larger team-issue cards, so that's not an issue. (I imagine some people would prefer uniformity of size, so it might not work for them.) So I say you have Ryno covered with the team issue cards (even if only as a coach).

Hey, they have to put out a 2.1 team set, right, to show Ryno as the manager? I can't imagine they won't, but perhaps....