Friday, July 19, 2013

1976 Oklahoma City 89ers #8 Dane Iorg

From homemade All-Star cards for Cliff Lee and Domonic Brown to a minor league card for Dane Iorg . . .

Thanks to a tip from Matthew who runs the excellent Number 5 Type Collection blog, I recently added the final card needed to complete my 1976 Oklahoma City 89ers team set.  When I purchased the set back in January, I received only 23 of the 24 cards in the set with Dane Iorg being the missing card.  I contacted the seller immediately, and as of this writing I'm still waiting to hear back from him/her.

In any event, my set is now complete, the card has been removed from my White Whale list on the sidebar, and I can turn my attention to tracking down non-Iorg minor league cards once again.

Now let's get the second half under way.  Go Phils!

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