Sunday, June 30, 2013

1982 Fleer Stamps Phillies

Nobody, and I mean nobody that I knew in my small 2nd grade collecting circle wanted anything to do with the 1982 Fleer Stamps set.  The 1982 Topps Stickers were bigger, had better pictures and had color borders.  The 1982 Fleer Stamps set was a little off somehow, and if you decided to lick the backs and affix the stamps to their spots in the stamp album, you might end up feeling a little woozy.

Still, I collected the stamps and I'll end the first ever Gallery Week with a look at the Phillies team set from this under appreciated early 80s oddball issue.  Any requests for the next Gallery Week?

#51 Pete Rose
#52 Dick Ruthven
#53 Mike Schmidt
#54 Steve Carlton
#55 Tug McGraw

#56 Larry Bowa
#57 Garry Maddox
#58 Gary Matthews
#59 Manny Trillo
#60 Lonnie Smith

#107 Rose & Bowa
#109 Rose & Concepcion
#240 Kaat & Carlton
#241 Parker & Carlton


Steve F. said...

I don't remember those at all, but they are great! They are now on my want list.

P.S. Don't like the stamps now--remember George Costanza's late fiancee?

Jim said...

I wouldn't think of licking the stamps now!