Saturday, June 8, 2013

1964 Topps Giants #10 Jim Bunning

Brewers 5, Phillies 4
Game 62 - Friday Night, June 7th in Milwaukee
Record - 31-31, 2nd Place, 6 1/2 games behind the Braves

One Sentence Summary:  Cliff Lee let an early lead get away and sloppy defense contributed to the Brewers eventually walking off with a 5-4 victory.

What It Means:  It means it's back to .500 for the Phillies.  This was an all around bad loss.

What Went Wrong:  The Brewers tied it up in the bottom of the seventh when Lee walked the lead-off batter and then allowed a triple to right.  The hit may not have actually been a triple had Delmon Young been able to get to the ball a little quicker.  In any event, the tying run scored when Freddy Galvis botched the cut-off throw, resulting in an unearned run.

The Brewers walked off in the ninth after Jeremy Horst allowed three consecutive singles.

Featured Card:  I was primed and ready to feature Lee's Topps Archives card, but then the Phils went and lost the ballgame.  Instead, here's a card I recently received from the good folks at Phillies SGA.  This Jim Bunning card was just one of many vintage Phillies oddball cards that Phillies SGA was kind enough to send my way.  Bunning was recently on hand to represent the Phillies at the amateur player draft, and he welcomed first round pick J.P. Crawford to the organization.

Also added to The Phillies Room collection were a few early 1970s oddball Tim McCarver cards, as well as cards from the elusive 1983 Tastykake Phillies and 1984 Tastykake Phillies Update sets.


Anonymous said...

That Bunning is a worthy addition to The Phillies Room. There are 2 other Phils in the 1964 Giant set; Tony Gonzalez and Johnny Callison. Both are nice-looking cards and neither one is a SP, so they should be affordable.


The 1964 Topps Giant Appreciation Society

deal said...

always a fan of the 64 Topps Giants

solid simple design. nice checklist

- although I taken to calling them Jumbos because anytime you look up info on 64 Topps Giants you get a lot of Mays and McCovey cards.

Jim said...

The 1964 Topps Giant Appreciation Society - I'm lucky enough to already own the other two Phillies, so my team set is complete! They look great together in my 1960s Phillies binder.

Phungo - I had to look up the official name. I think I had it originally as 1964 Topps Super, similar to those awesome big cards from 1980-1981 Topps.