Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013 Topps Phillies #PHI-13 Domonic Brown

Phillies 7, Mets 3
Game 9 - Wednesday Night, April 10th in Philadelphia
Record - 4-5, 4th Place, 4 games behind the Braves

One Sentence Summary:  The offense showed up for the second night in a row as the Phillies won the game, 7-3, and won their first series of the year.

What It Means:  The Phillies have an off-day today and then open a three game series against the Marlins in Miami.  After the last two games, and with the Marlins struggling mightily, the team has to be thinking series win at least and series sweep at most.

What Went Right:  All the Phillies runs came courtesy of the long ball as Chase Utley hit a two-run home run in the first and Domonic Brown followed that with a three-run upper deck shot of his own.  Laynce Nix capped the night with a two-run pinch-hit home run in the sixth.

Kyle Kendrick contributed a quality start, winning his first game of the season.  In six innings, including a half hour rain delay, he allowed two runs on eight hits while striking out six.

Featured Card:  Brown doesn't appear in the first series of this year's Topps flagship set, but he does have the card featured here from the 17-card Topps Phillies retail set.  Similar to 2011, Topps has used the same exact Getty photo of Brown for their 2013 card as I chose for my 2013 Chachi card, yet to be featured on the blog.  Here's Brown's 2011 Topps card and his 2011 Chachi card.

Doug's Contribution:  My six-year-old son Doug saw me typing away at my computer a few nights ago and he asked what I was doing.  I told him I was writing about the Phillies.  "For fun?," he asked.  Yes, I told him, I like to write about the Phillies for fun.  I explained that it was one of my hobbies and it makes me happy.  I could see his wheels turning and he came home from Kindergarten yesterday with the piece of paper to the right.  He's decided he'd like to write about the Phillies too and this is his summary of Tuesday night's game against the Mets.  Have I mentioned lately how incredibly proud I am of him?


Section 36 said...

that's fantastic!

Steve F. said...

That's great! I love the three swings he took at making a 3 on the bottom right--he knocked it out of the park on the third pitch!

Jim said...

He's a perfectionist! ; )