Friday, April 12, 2013

1993 Medford Phillies Variations - Update

1993 Medford Phillies #12 x 2
This is one of those posts that's probably only of interest to a few of us, but I'm happy to report that I recently picked up the second of the five late season variations to the 1993 Medford Phillies set.  The Mickey Morandini card on the left is the more readily available version of the second baseman's card, while the card on the right is the "update" version, available only in the late season set.  I stumbled upon this card on eBay and I was one of only two bidders.  Fortunately, my bid won out.

The search continues for the Darren Daulton, Tommy Greene and Bobby Thigpen cards from the late season set.  For further reading, please see my original post on these variations.


paoldguy said...

My 1993 checklist indicates that they originally put out a set of 35 pictures and then offered a revised set of 36. There were picture changes to Daulton, Greene, Morandini and Mitch Williams and Bobby Thigpen was added. All the while, they were selling singly a Vet Stadium picture at the park. Toward the end of the season, they produced a five picture "extension" set with Jeff Manto, Roger Mason, Kevin Stocker (waist up-no cap, Mike Williams and a 1993 All Star group of 5 players. I also have these and don't know how they were issued (possibly at the ALS event)- Mark Davis, Tim Mauser, Dale Murphy and Kevin Stocker (running). If anyone has any infor re the origin of those last four, I'd love to hear. Also interested in info re special issues at the ALS events in various years.
Bill W

Steve F. said...

Well I am one of the few that appreciates it, so congrats and good luck on the next 3.

paoldguy, I don't have those other 4, nor have I seen them. It would be surprising if it were from the ALS event, because Murphy was released just before Opening Day, while Stocker didn't debut until July 7. And Mark Davis was between them, having been signed on April 13 and released on July 2. Mauser was with the team from May 28 until the end of the season.

Maybe you picked them up at various times? Strange. I'd love to hear how they came about.

A quick question for you--if you have the 1984 cards, do you have Steve Fireovid and Steve Jeltz? I believe I have seen them at some point, but I don't have them in my collection.

Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to know that I saw it too but chose not to bid on it, in the hopes that I could find an actual complete late season set to cannibalize. Glad to see that a collector that I know got a hold of it.

Jim said...

Thanks 14k!

paoldguy - Way to muddy the waters even more! : )

I'm starting to get the feeling that we'll never have a full checklist of some of these team issued cards, especially those issued pre-2000 and the special alumni cards.