Sunday, April 14, 2013

1952 Topps #216 Richie Ashburn

It's a good thing I never decided to go into business for myself.

On an annual basis, I enjoy (yes, enjoy) helping friends and family with their respective income tax filings.  I don't expect payment for my services, but sometimes I end up with a nice gift card to a restaurant or a retail establishment or as is usually the case - baseball cards.  Had I opened up my own tax return preparation shop, it would have been difficult to pay the bills in gift certificates and baseball cards.  So remaining outside the challenging world of the self-employed is probably best in my case.

My Mom continues to be my best customer.  This year, my "payment" for helping with her income taxes were several awesome baseball cards.  The highlight was the card featured at the top of this post - a well-loved 1952 Topps Richie Ashburn card.  It's got a noticeable crease through the center, but I honestly don't care.  My 11-year-old self would have messed himself had he known that one day this card would be in his (our?) collection.

My Mom also added the 2004 Bowman Heritage Phillies team set to my collection, which borrowed the wood-grained TV design of the amazing 1955 Bowman set.  Finally, she came across a 1953 Red Man Tobacco Del Ennis card, which joins the other example of this card already in my collection.  This newer version is in slightly better shape than the one I originally owned, so the duplicate is now up for trade.  Drop me a message (comment, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, smoke signal) if you'd like to trade for a 1953 Red Man Tobacco Del Ennis card.

Thanks again Mom!

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