Monday, March 11, 2013

2006 Upper Deck Ovation #99 Cole Hamels

Phillies 7, Astros 1
Spring Training Game 16 - Sunday Afternoon, March 10th in Kissimmee
Record - 7-8-1

One Sentence Summary:  Cole Hamels showed he's ready for the season to begin as he pitched five strong innings in the Phillies 7-1 victory over the Astros.

What It Means:  With the Astros moving to the A.L. West this season, this is the last time these two teams will play each other until 2014.  That seems crazy.

What Went Right:  Hamels improved his record to 2-0 and now owns a spring ERA of 0.90.  Freddy Galvis doubled (for the fifth time) and enjoyed a three-hit day.  Michael Young and Laynce Nix each had two hits and Erik Kratz contributed a two-run double.

Featured Card:  I'm on a roll with my Topps Phillies project, and my 2005 Topps Phillies post is scheduled to be published next Sunday morning.  In preparation for writing a 2006 Topps Phillies post, I spent some time with my 2006 Phillies binder this afternoon.  I came across the Hamels card featured here, which I would have sworn I'd never seen before and proving once again that it's fun to pull out binders of older cards and browse through them every once in a while.  You never know what you're going to find.  I wonder what "new" cards await me in my 2007 Phillies binder?

Camp Head Count:  51 minus 4 = 47.  As announced over the weekend, the Phillies optioned out pitchers Jonathan Pettibone and Ethan Martin, and outfielder Zach Collier.  Catcher Cameron Rupp was also reassigned.


Anonymous said...

I am currently in the midst of pulling a large number of cards from binders and placing them into 3200-count boxes in order to save space. It's amazing how many cards I am looking at and have no recollection of having seeing them before, even though I clearly own them.

Jim said...

I just don't spend enough time with my Phillies cards from the 2000s. Maybe I'm not nostalgic about the 2000s yet like I am about the 70s and 80s.