Thursday, February 14, 2013

1956 Topps #220 Del Ennis

I've written a lot on this blog about the experience of collecting the entire 1956 Topps set with my Dad over a 20 year period.  If and when I ever have a little extra time to spare, I'm going to start a 1956 Topps blog, recounting when and where we acquired each card and delving into the background of each player, manager or coach featured within the 342-card set.

Until then, I've put together a gallery of the Phillies cards in the set, along with a few Phillies cards that never were.  The new gallery can be found here, and here are a few other posts about collecting this wonderful set:

Collecting the 1956 Topps Set
1956 Topps Phillies


Dennis K.Orlandini said...

Since Topps Series One has been out now for about two and a half weeks Could you please post the #s of all Phillies cards from the checklists?

Jim said...

Let it be known that The Phillies Room is a full service blog:

6 Howard
26 Utley
33 Lee
71 Kendrick
83 Ruf
152 Contreras
197 Cloyd
206 Rollins
249 Worley
264 Halladay CL