Saturday, November 17, 2012

1975 Hostess #149 Tug McGraw

Much like the soon to be former Hostess employees, I'm going through a major transition with my career trajectory.

I've never been a big fan of change, but in this case there's a part of me who is looking forward to testing free agency and seeing what the other franchises have to offer.  I've heard a lot about the other teams during my career - better ballpark, friendlier fans, more family-friendly front office - and now it's time to find out if those rumors are true.

Posting could be light to non-existent over the coming weeks as I begin my first real free agency tour in 15 years.  Hopefully I end up with a contender.


Anonymous said...

The best of luck to you, good sir. Remember that networking is where it's at; I've gotten good leads from just talking to people, even those outside of my field.

Section 36 said...

Good luck!

Steve F. said...

Good luck! And I agree with the networking comment too, although my current job is the result of good old-fashioned pounding the pavement (or, rather, the 21st century version--looking on websites for openings).