Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2009 O-Pee-Chee #332 Kyle Kendrick

Phillies 3, Marlins 1
Game 141 - Monday Night, September 10th in Philadelphia
Record - 70-71, 3rd Place, 17 games behind the Nationals

One Sentence Summary:  Kyle Kendrick subdued the Marlins offense as the Phillies won their fifth in a row.

What It Means:  The Phillies are now just one game under .500 and they'll try to even their record for the first time since June 4th in tonight's game.

What Went Right:  Kendrick was outstanding again.  He no-hit the Marlins through the first five innings, finally allowing his first hit to Rob Brantly leading off the sixth.  He went seven innings, allowing just two hits and a run while striking out a career high eight.

The Phillies scored all three of their runs in the fifth on Domonic Brown's two-run home run and Michael Martinez' RBI-double.  Antonio Bastardo struck out Greg Dobbs for the final out of the game, recording his first save of the year in the process.

Featured Card:  Kendrick continued his impressive second half and he's now tied for second (with Roy Halladay) for team wins with nine.  I've run out of 2012 cards of Kendrick's to feature, so this is his card from one of the best sets from 2009 - the retro-themed O-Pee-Chee set from the late, great Upper Deck.


Steve F. said...

Because of some technical glitch, I sometimes have trouble getting my comments posted on "The Phillies Collector," where this would be a more natural fit, but I think anyone who reads that reads this, and vice versa, so let me ask here:

Has anyone come across copies of old (pre 1988) Phillies highlights films on DVD? The Phils issued a 1986 VHS highlights tape, and they advertised one in 1987, but from what I can tell they never put it out. Then they started with the Home Companion tapes in 1988, dropping that moniker around the time they switched to DVD in 2001, and now they put out a DVD highlight film every year. The only years skipped were 1994 (for obvious reasons) and 2000 (presumably for general suckage). Also, oddly, the 1996 highlights were, AFAIK, only given out for free to 1997 season ticket holders, even though that included highlights of the 1996 All Star Game at the Vet.

Anyway, the 1980 highlights are available in a box set that came out in 2005. But I don't believe any other season highlights videos have ever been released. I have a 16mm film of the 1977 highlights but no way to play it or copy it to DVD. I also have a DVD containing the 1971 highlights and part of the 1972 highlights, which were apparently recorded from TV during a rain delay at some point probably in the mid-1970s. But I haven't see any earlier ones ever, and I haven't seen any from the mid-to late 1970s or early to mid-1980s since I saw them during rain delays on TV back in the day.

So I repeat my question: has anyone reading this ever come across any of them? Or better, have copies that they would be interested in trading? If so, please let me know.

The reason I mention this now is is that I had posted on Larry Shenk's blog a request as to whether there was any chance the Phillies would ever release them on demand or on video, and he basically (but politely) said no, that there were no plans to do so.

Jim said...

I sure haven't come across any of these, but I'd love to own copies of the older videos. I wonder why the Phillies wouldn't at least explore the possibility of releasing these as a DVD/Blu Ray box set? I'm sure plenty of fans would love to go back and watch these films, even from the lean years.

My want list for the Phillies videos is (or was):
1988 - Home Companion I

Based on your input, I'm going to go ahead and cross 1994 and 2000 off my list and I'll keep searching for copies of 1988 and 1996. (Although at this point I'd have no way to watch them as we no longer have a VCR!)