Monday, September 17, 2012

1993 Upper Deck #752 Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Astros 7, Phillies 6
Game 147 - Sunday Afternoon, September 16th in Houston
Record - 73-74, 3rd Place

One Sentence Summary:  The bullpen didn't get the job done (again) as the Phillies let yet another ballgame get away in this miserable, hurry up and get it over with season.

What It Means:  On the day I paid my postseason ticket invoice, essentially giving the Phillies an interest-free loan for three months, the team saw their postseason chances shrink to an even smaller possibility.  You can't be a play-off hopeful and lose three out of four to the positively dreadful Astros.  You just can't.  The entire team should be embarrassed by their play this weekend.  I sure am.  (And I'm cranky.)

What Went Wrong:  Antonio Bastardo and Phillippe Aumont could not hold a one-run lead in the seventh inning.  When the inning started, the Phillies had a 4-3 lead.  When it ended, they were down 7-4, and they just couldn't make it back.

Featured Card:  It's your move, Ruben.  I expect you to put in a little overtime this offseason.  Please start with finding some more reliable relievers, and a bat at third base would be nice too.


Steve F. said...

I will be waiting until the Friday deadline to pay and assessing the chances then. Assuming they don't make the playoffs, it's not the interest free loan that concerns me, as I always have gotten my refund--even though the Phillies try to make it as hard as possible by requiring that you request it within three business days of their elimination from the postseason or from postseason eligibility. It's the $25 processing fee. It feels like I'm buying buying phantom tickets for $25.

Jim said...

Have you made your decision? ; )