Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1950 Philadelphia Inquirer Fightin' Phillies - Del Ennis

I've got no additional trade rumors to report and the game summary post for last night's late game in Los Angeles will come along shortly.  What I do have this morning is this new "card" recently added to my collection, secured from a Checkoutmycards.com purchase.

I'm always on the look-out for new Del Ennis cards, as he and Dick Sisler were my Dad's two favorite players.  It's getting harder and harder to find cards of these two Whiz Kids to add to my collection, as most of their cards that I still need are out of my price range.  However, this Ennis card was reasonably priced and I pulled the trigger.

At the height of the Whiz Kids' popularity in September 1950, the Philadelphia Inquirer issued 24 cut-out baseball cards available in its Sunday papers.  The kid (or adult) who saved this particular card took great care to cut along the lines and the card itself is mounted on what appears to be thick, beige construction paper.

There's a Sisler card in the set as well, so I'll be on the look-out for it in my future collecting travels.

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