Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Phillies - The Missing Links (So Far)

2012 Topps #658, 2012 Topps Giants #SF7, 2012 Topps #154 and #465
With the half-way point of the 2012 season quickly approaching, and with almost a dozen different Topps offerings on the market, I wanted to take a look at which 2012 Phillies players have yet to appear on any Phillies baseball cards.  Given the recent trend of Topps not including the fringe guys (back-up catchers, bench players, middle relievers) in their sets, the hope of adding a Phillies baseball card of one of these guys to my collection diminishes with each passing month.  If and when the Phillies issue a second edition of the postcard-sized set available at the ballpark, some of these guys just might get the Phillies cardboard appreciation they deserve.

As of this writing, 35 different players have suited up for the 2012 Phillies.  (Game data below through June 17th.)

3 or More Cards
23 Players

Brian Sanches hasn't had a Phillies card since 2007, from his first stint with the club, but his Phillies cards from 2006 and 2007 earn him entrance into the "3 or More" club above.

2 Cards
Juan Pierre (58 games in 2012) - 2012 Phillies Team Issue #10 and 2012 Topps #658
Michael Schwimer (12 games in 2011 and 12 games in 2012) - 2012 Phillies Team Issue #44 and 2012 Topps #465

1 Card
Pete Orr (46 games in 2011 and 23 games in 2012) - 2011 Phillies Team Issue 2 #5
Ty Wigginton (61 games in 2012) - 2012 Phillies Team Issue #24
Chad Qualls (29 games in 2012) - 2012 Phillies Team Issue #50
Laynce Nix (22 games in 2012) - 2012 Phillies Team Issue #19

These four players are still waiting for their first standard size Phillies card.  I'm actually a little surprised that Wigginton didn't make it into Topps Series 2.  (I would have swapped out the card of Jose Contreras for a Wigginton card.)

2012 Choice Lehigh Valley IronPigs #26, #15, #14 and #21
0 Cards
Mike Fontenot (25 games in 2012)
Hector Luna (16 games in 2012)
Erik Kratz (2 games in 2011 and 5 games in 2012)
Jake Diekman (13 games in 2012)
Raul Valdes (11 games in 2012)
B.J. Rosenberg (2 games in 2012)

I would think that pitching prospects Diekman and Rosenberg will eventually find themselves with Phillies cards.  And if Fontenot's playing time dramatically increases with the injury to Freddy Galvis, he could be a good candidate for the Topps Update series.  But honestly, the only hope for the other three guys (Luna, Kratz and Valdes) is inclusion within the aforementioned second edition of the Phillies Team Issue set.

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