Thursday, June 14, 2012

1951 Berk Ross #3-8 Dick Sisler

I recently re-formatted my 1950-1954 Phillies Want List so that it now includes all Topps, Bowman and oddball cards from those years currently missing from my collection.

Like clockwork, every year as my birthday or Christmas approached, my Dad would state, "I need your updated list."  Most years that meant he needed our updated 1956 Topps list and recently it meant he needed to be reminded which 1951 Bowman Phillies cards I was still missing.  I'd make a copy or print out a new list for him, and he'd embark on his annual quest to cross off a few more cards.

I think a lot of the fun in collecting baseball cards comes from the pursuit.  (It's the journey, not the destination.)  Putting together checklists, searching for cards and eventually crossing them off your list brings about a sense of accomplishment, a sense of completeness.  I know every time I obtain another card from this new and improved want list, I'll think of my Dad and my continuing quest to cross off a few more cards.  The journey continues.

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