Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1930-1939 Phillies Have List

1934 Goudey #33
A few months ago, I put together my 1883-1929 Phillies Have List.  A want list for these years was a bit ridiculous I thought, since I couldn't imagine (a) needing to refer to the list on a regular basis or (b) readers browsing through a want list and deciding to send me a few T206 Phillies cards.

I'm using that same logic for my 1930-1939 Phillies Have List.  As of this initial writing, I have 12 cards from the Depression Era in my collection.

If and when this list ever grows, I'll put together a proper want list.  Only then will I try to figure out just how many Phillies cards are in the Exhibits 4-on-1 sets and I'll list out the Phillies featured in the 1939 Father & Sons Shoes set.

1930-1939 Phillies Have List
1933 Goudey #21 Phil Collins
1934-36 Batter-Up #38 Jimmie Wilson
1934 Diamond Stars #40 Blondy Ryan
1934 Goudey #33 Don Hurst
1936 National Chicle Fine Pen (R313) Jose Gomez
1939 Play Ball #12 Hersh Martin
1939 Play Ball #33 Del Young
1939 Play Ball #37 Spud Davis
1939 Play Ball #45 Pinky May
1939 Play Ball #46 Morris Arnovich
1939 Play Ball #63 Emmett Mueller
1939 Play Ball #98 Pinky Whitney

And only because I'm currently seven cards in with the ten-card team set, here's my want list for Phillies cards from the 1939 Play Ball set:

1939 Play Ball Want List
#28 Sylvester Johnson
#127 Gil Brack
#145 Hugh Mulcahy

* * *

Franklin O'Donnell ("Don") Hurst was the primary first baseman for the Phillies between 1928 and 1933.  Along with sluggers Lefty O'Doul and Chuck Klein, Hurst provided most of the offense for the Phillies in those years.  He topped 100 RBIs in a season twice, with his best season coming in 1932 when he hit .339 with 24 home runs and 143 RBIs.

Hurst's production dropped sharply following the 1933 season, and by the time the baseball card featured here was released, he may have already been playing with the Cubs.  On June 11, 1934, the Phils traded Hurst to Chicago for Dolph Camilli, in one of the few trades with the Cubs franchise that actually worked out in the Phillies favor.

Hurst left us way too soon, passing away in 1952 at the age of 47.


deal said...

That is a solid start to the 1930 cards. lots of interesting cards and players in those years. Diamond Stars is a sharp looking set.

Matthew Appleton said...

Of course you post the Hurst card. I actually have it scanned and ready to go for my 1934 Goudey post. Luckily, I think I can use a different one from the set as a fallback. :-)

Section 36 said...

The 1939 Playball would be a sweet team set to complete. I don't think I'll be touching the Red Sox set though.

Jim said...

There's that little matter of the Ted Williams rookie card? I'm guessing that's pricey? ;)