Thursday, December 1, 2011

1972 Ticketron Phillies Larry Bowa

I recently received another box of oddball magic from reader John, which included this wonderful postcard-size Larry Bowa card.  It's from the 10-card 1972 Ticketron Phillies set.  Per the Standard Catalog:
The Phillies main off-site ticket outlet produced this set of schedule cards . . . Backs are in black-and-white and include a Phillies home schedule and sponsor advertising.  Because he was traded to the Expos in mid-season, the card of Tim McCarver is scarcer than the others.
Steve Carlton is included on the checklist, so I'm wondering if Lefty's Ticketron card was actually his first official Phillies card.  If these cards were released in the spring, it would have definitely beat the Carlton "Traded" card that appeared in the 1972 Topps high series in the late summer/early fall.

Thanks to John, I'm one down, nine to go for this awesome early-'70s oddball set.  Yet another set that I had no idea existed until this beauty landed in my collection.

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