Saturday, April 16, 2011

1982 Fleer Stickers - Phillies Hat

The Phillies Room recently made a few cameos across the blogoverse.

First, Section 36 featured a few pictures I took during a recent Phillies game.  If you happen to have a Section 36 in your home team's ballpark, please take a few pictures from the section and send them along.  Citizens Bank Park has no Section 36, so I did the best I could.  Also, if you happen to find the Red Sox' offense, please drop Section 36 a note as well.  It's been missing for a few weeks.

The Fleer Sticker Project ran a post yesterday highlighting some of the custom Fleer hat stickers I've created for my series preview posts.  Also featured was a selection of Chachi cards from yesteryear.  I must have obtained the Phillies hat sticker featured here recently, because I know the first time I owned this sticker, I stuck it on my third grade trapper keeper.

Please check out both of these excellent blogs, and tell them Jim sent you.


Section 36 said...

If you know where the Sox pitching is, that would be helpful too. It's really a mess up here. I don't know where I put anything.

Fleerfan said...

Jim, Thanks for the link to my post on your custom stickers. I can't wait to see the Brewers preview :)
Keep up the great work!