Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday: October 2, 1984

1984 Topps Traded #31T
I introduced the Scrapbook Sunday feature to the blog on the first Sunday of the new year, and I faithfully posted pages from my old Phillies scrapbooks every week for 39 consecutive weeks.  And then October came and Scrapbook Sunday went out the window.  A combination of real life challenges, work obligations and Phillies Postseason Phever conspired to push Scrapbook Sunday to the side as I missed five Sunday's worth of scrapbook posts.  I think at this point, I'll try to finish out the year with a weekly Sunday post, but then I may try something new in 2011.  I'm fond of the posts on some of the finer baseball card blogs featuring a "vintage" day, so maybe I'll do that next year.  Or, each week I could feature the Phillies baseball cards from each of Topps' 60 years of baseball card sets, starting with the Phillies cards from the 1951 Red and Blue Backs.  Or I could do a Chachi Sunday, where I feature a previously unposted Chachi card from yesteryear.  These are the types of crucial, year-end planning decisions we're dealing with here in The Phillies Room.

Back to the task at hand:  During the years I maintained Phillies' scrapbooks, the Phillies never even came close to sniffing the Postseason.  So you may be asking yourself, "What happened in your scrapbooks after the last out had been recorded, ending yet another disappointing season for the Phillies?"  I'm glad you asked.  I typically followed the Postseason in my scrapbooks, as, like the All-Star Game, I always thought the play-offs were cool and exciting.  (Well, except for these five times.)

This page is from my 1984 NLCS preview in which I painstakingly analyze all kinds of in-depth information, including the N.L. Matchups section clipped from the Atlantic City Press, to present "My Opinion of [the] best players."  Otherwise known as each of the team's starting line-ups, the team's best pitcher and the managers.  To ensure there's no confusion to the reader, I've included a legend at the bottom to indicate that the red star by Bob Dernier's name clearly marks Dernier as "my favorite."


Section 36 said...

I must say I like the scrapbook pages. Hopefully you'll still post them, even if it's "Scrapbook Sometimes"

Jim said...

Thanks! There's still a lot of material remaining, so I would think the scrapbook posts will be back in some form in 2011.