Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Upper Deck #332 Brian Schneider

Phillies 5, Rockies 4
Game 99 - Monday Afternoon, July 26th in Philadelphia

I'm not one to whine or complain about my chosen professional on a blog about the Phillies and their baseball cards, but there are definitely some days when I wish I had chosen the path of professional pumpkin farmer over the path I ended up walking. I had tickets to this afternoon's Phillies game but I ended up intermittently watching the action on ESPN's Gamecast instead of basking in the sun and enjoying a Phillies win and series sweep over the Rockies in person. Joe Blanton's mug shot mocked my decision to skip the game and tend to my professional duties each time I checked in on the game action. "Deadlines? What deadlines?," he seemed to query each time I alt-tabbed over to the game. "Look at me," he continued, "I had an ERA over six coming into this game and I'm not worried in the least. There you sit at your desk, muttering to yourself about the ineptitude of [REDACTED FOR JOB SECURITY PURPOSES] and here I am, pitching 6 innings, working just over 90 minutes, and not having a care in the world."

Phone ringing, e-mails piling up, I alt-tabbed over again to see Jimmy Rollins knowingly staring back at me. "You should have been here today, Jim," he said. "The 2nd inning was nuts! Rockies' outfielders running into one another, Brian Schneider actually being credited with a triple, Rockies' infielders throwing the ball around. I bet your little Gamecast summary doesn’t show that, does it?" It doesn't, Jimmy. It certainly doesn't. My last check of the action this afternoon showed the Phils had squeaked by with a 1-run victory after Brad Lidge gave up a 2-run home run to Seth Smith and then loaded the bases before retiring the final batter. I wonder if Lidge ever wishes he had become a pumpkin farmer?

(And to top it all off, I don't even have any other decent 2010 baseball cards of Schneider. He's got a Chachi card, the Phils' team issued card, and this cruddy Upper Deck card featuring him with the Mets. Cheerful posts to return tomorrow.)

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