Monday, May 3, 2010

1995 Score #22 Lenny Dykstra

Cardinals 6, Phillies 3
Game 25 - Monday Night, May 3rd in Philadelphia

The frustration displayed by Lenny Dykstra on this baseball card is symbolic of the way the Phillies have been playing lately. Joe Blanton pitched a solid game in his 2010 debut, but the puzzling Phillies offense coupled with questionable umpiring sunk the Phils tonight against the Cardinals, 6-3.

Blanton, just activated from the DL, allowed only 2 runs in his 6+ innings of work, while surrendering 10 Cardinals hits. Nelson Figueroa came on after Blanton departed and allowed a bases-clearing double to David Freese, tacking 2 more runs onto Blanton's total for the night. The fact Figueroa was called into the game in such a crucial situation speaks volumes about the state of the team's bullpen. With Brad Lidge easing his way back from injury and Ryan Madson now out with an anger-induced broken toe, the worrisome bullpen is officially a cause of concern.

The team managed just 3 hits off Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia. A first inning home run from Chase Utley was (correctly) ruled to be foul upon the umpires' review of instant replay. Manager Charlie Manuel was ejected in the 5th for arguing a play in which interference was called on Blanton as he was crossing 1st base. The interference call resulted in a double play for the Cardinals and thwarted any hope of a 5th inning rally.

The only excitement for Phillies fans tonight (other than Manuel's ejection) came from solo home runs from Utley and Jayson Werth. Other than that, it was just one of those games that makes you feel like yelling at an umpire.

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Pop-Pop said...

The ball was foul...Charlie knew it, wanted to get Phils rolling